New Democrats Policies

What is New Democrats party?

The New Democrats Party is a political party that has been established in October 2022 to diversify the political environment in Victoria.

The New Democrats Party was successfully registered with the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) by its founder Ms Kaushaliya Vaghela MP, the State Member of Parliament for the Western Metropolitan Region during the 59th Victorian Parliament. 

The New Democrats party has been established to serve as the political Party to the wider Victorian communities.

The Party has been established to provide an alternative choice in Parliament.

The Party has been formed on the foundation of accountability and transparency. It believes that these values must be demonstrated and upheld across Parliament and all levels of Government. We aim to fight political corruption by bolstering the state’s corruption-fighting agencies.

The Party believes that stronger integrity measures are needed to depoliticise the public service so that the public service can provide frank, fearless and objective advice to the Parliament of the day.

What are New Democrats values? What do We stand for?

The Party has been established based on the core values of Respect, Equality, Inclusion, Diversity, Transparency and Accountability.

  1. We respect and honour our First Nations People
  2. We respect women and we stand against violence of any form towards women
  3. We value integrity, equality, and social justice
  4. We respect people from diverse backgrounds, regardless of race, religion, or sexual identity
  5. We engage in respectful communication, discussions, and debate at all times
  6. We are anti-dictatorship and will fight to uphold the TRUE Australian democracy
  7. We lead with empathy and care
  8. We nurture our environment and support actions to stop climate changes
  9. We will prioritize community needs above anything else

What are our policy priorities?

Our Policy Priorities are to:

  1. Improve Infrastructure and ensure that all regions are funded in accordance with population growth. We believe that funding should be provided proportionately and not based on marginal and target seats
  2. Provide more funds for our healthcare providers and hospitals
  3. Invest more in local jobs and provide more support for our local businesses
  4. Build more schools, particularly secondary schools based on population and suburb growth
  5. Provide more support for families and elderly population
  6. Invest more in culturally responsive support services that works to end domestic violence
  7. Invest more in protecting our environment 
  8. Provide more support for vulnerable people in our community
  9. Offer additional funding support to end homelessness  
  10. Actions to end racial and religious discrimination 
  11. Offer additional funding and culturally appropriate support services for our diverse Communities, senior citizens in particular
  12. Increase funding for our integrity agencies to ensure that investigations take place in a timely manner

Why New Democrats?

The New Democrats offer an alternative choice in political arena to represent Victorians in the Parliament.

We aim to keep the Government, Departments, Parliament and Integrity Agencies independent and accountable.

The New Democrats strive to strengthen the democracy and our parliamentary system. We believe in freedom of Choice, Respect, Equality, Inclusion, Diversity, Transparency and Accountability. 

Our Party proposes an expansion of the parliamentary committee system to be inclusive of outside experts.

Our policies are prepared in consultation with the communities that we seek to represent in the Parliament. 

We understand the day-to-day challenges of individuals, families and communities and aim to work with all stakeholders to make Victoria a safer and better place to live and work.

We aim to be the New Choice and New Voice of the people in the Victorian Parliament.